More than just a ministry, but a worldwide, ark-building mission
for wise and faithful servants of God to network
and prepare great-tribulation servants
for the things Jesus said would come - Mt. 24:45-47

The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this,
then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. (Genesis 11:6).

End Time Planning is God's Top Secret, Ark-Building Assignment for His wise and faithful servants to prepare His great tribulation servants for the end times that will come once the gospel has been preached all over the world (Matthew 24:14).  We believe the end is near and that Jesus will soon return for His bride. The time has come for followers of Christ to begin preparing for the coming devastation prior to our Lord's return so that those who will be left behind to endure them will be able to stand firm. God gave Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, CEO of End Time Planning and author of the book, Top Secret, special Ark-building instructions to share with His special task force of wise and faithful servants so they can prepare The Way of Holiness (Isaiah 35:8) for those who will need to be fed and taken care of at the proper time in order to survive times of great tribulation. Follow the essential steps below to hear God's specific instructions assigned to you for preparing His left-behind servants, some of whom may be your very own loved ones.  Follow these essential steps for hearing and preparing for the things to come:

Click "Learn More" to Watch us on Youtube

Click "Learn More" to Watch us on Youtube

STEAL AWAY, by Legacy Showcases, lays the foundation for the book, Top Secret by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence. Be sure to watch it and invite your Christian churches, ministries, and loved ones to watch it.

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TOP SECRET introduces God's end time plan of survival for His great tribulation servants, and is a mandatory read for this TOP SECRET ministry. Once you have read this book and have been given ears by God to understand its message, we look forward to you joining our network to help us carry out God's Ark-building assignment for His servants to survive the flood of the end times.

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2.  read TOP SECRET by Dr. Jacqueline lawrence image

AFTER (AND ONLY AFTER) you have thoroughly watched Steal Away, read TOP SECRET by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, and been given ears by God to hear their messages, you should not only be ready, but excited to be about our Father's end time business so that His servants can be thriving, and not only surviving, when Jesus returns.  The final step to joining our secret network is to complete the "EARS TO HEAR" QUESTIONNAIRE" so that we will know you have been given ears to hear, and we will be in touch with you to share information about our network.  

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Wise and Faithful Servants of God Feeding His Sheep

Wise and Faithful Servants of God Feeding His Sheep

We will be in touch with you once we know you have been given ears to hear this top-secret assignment from God. Then, you will have the opportunity to obtain your comprehensive and vital personalized workbook for building your Ark according to the top-secret instructions that God gives you as well as network with and receive support from other servants.

End Time Planning provides an opportunity for every servant of God to give His great tribulation servants their food at the proper time, which is NOW- BEFORE the peril and devastation of the end times strikes (Matthew 24:45, 46). Your kind donation in any amount will help us feed God's sheep and prepare them for the things Jesus said would come (Mt. 24, Mk 13, Lk 21).  We appreciate your contribution toward our end time Ark-building efforts so that God's servants will be standing when Jesus returns.  Thank you.

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Dr. Lawrence will visit your church to speak about and sign her book, Top Secret, show the film, Steal Away, and discuss the ministry, End Time Planning as well as other topics related to the end times (See samples, below).  To schedule a booking with Dr. Lawrence, call:  707-393-7661.  


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